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Welcome to My Anime Domain!

Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Bulma-chan, and welcome! I have posted Chapter Four to the Vegeta & Bulma fanfic and the first chapter to a new fanfic, which is a crossover between six anime/mangas. I have made a big achievement and have finished my Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z action/romance crossover series. Please read and I hope you like them. If you have a fanfic you would like to have me post, please send me the text or preferrably the URL of your story so that I can read over it and make sure it's good (I mean, come on now, am I going to post bad fanfiction?).

Considering my little competition I have going on with this new crossover: Go to the page for AniMayhem on my Fanfics page and see if you can win my challenge. All winners will be listed on my site and given credit. You must be familiar with five of six anime/mangas:
Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon
Inu-Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale
Ah! Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess!)
Magic Knight Rayearth
Cat-Girl Nuku Nuku (
well, not really this one **winks**)

I have a growing fanfic sections of which I am very proud, sankyuu, including my now reasonably well known sixteen chapter (and still going) Vegeta and Bulma romance, and also my Sailor Moon and DBZ crossovers, all of which are in a series. You will find my email adress at the bottom of this page and all pages for questions, comments, and curses.

One FAQ I keep getting is "When are you going to update your fic(s) or are you going to?" The answer is, hai hai hai! I update whenever I finish a chapter, which has been getting less frequent, I admit. However, please don't email me asking about updates. ANY FANFIC THAT IS NOT FINISHED WILL BE, so don't ask about "Will I be writing more?" Ack! Annoyance. If you email me asking that, I'll get my little madoshi Clef-chan to whack you on the head with his staff. If that doesn't work, I'll sic Vegeta on you.

The images on my site are always links and not on my page because I'm having trouble posting my pics on the actual page, so if you're wondering why my site looks so barren, that's why. Ja ne and have a good time!

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